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Illumination was an idea first thought of by Ross Henson, while he was DJing at discos. He would mine along to songs while shining a torch on his face. This idea expanded when he put it in a college show using students to demonstrate his work. Ross choreographed a dance/comedy routine using sound effects/music and comedic voices. Through patterning and timing brought the comedy side of things to light. The name Illumination came from simply illuminating the face through light and when was done in a certain way would then illuminate the faces of the audiences with laughter. After a couple of shows Ross thought it was time to show the world a new creative idea, so he took the dedicated students plus himself as Illumination to Britain’s Got Talent the year of Diversity. The Members of Illumination consisted of Chloe Benson, Charlotte O’Neill, Chelsea Bone, Corinna Lewis and Founder Ross Henson aka RH and the four C’s. They got through the first round with flying colours. Illumination then reached the live auditions at Britain’s Got Talent, where they were judged by Simon Cowell, Piers Morgan, Amanda Holden, and met Ant and Dec. Unfortunately the lights were not turned off to black in the theatre as they were in the first round, which lost the effect and the whole point of Illumination, and their torches. Illumination as a show and idea is still being worked on as a side project for Ross Henson, and there will be more videos and performances to come.