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Flo Motion Dance Crew

The Dance Crew "Flo Motion" was founded by Ross Henson who has trained all over the world, from the UK (Pineapple/Husky's/Dance Works/Masters/Havering College) to USA (Millennium Dance Complex/ Debbie Reynolds).

Flo Motion’s Style is based on a mixture of Hip Hop dance style’s with a comedy touch, as all of the group are trained in different styles and techniques along with the comedy coming from their personalities as well as Ross being a Stand Up Comedian, is heavily demonstrated within the groups performances. Flo Motion does exactly what it says. We have a “flo” to our moves when in “motion”, and a “motion” to our sets that “flo” from song to song. And their creative ideas making it all gel together. They also use all styles of dance in their performances. Such as Lyrical Hip Hop, Popping, Locking, Breaking, Acrobatics, as well as Vougeing, Waacking/ Punking and Tipping the more girly styles. But again Flo Motion wouldn’t be complete without the Comedy and Creative Genius Touch, which is continually thrown in to their routines/sets which separate them from the rest.

Aston Joshua

Aston brings his unique style to Flo Motion Putting the diva to the motion of the group, waacking, Vougeing are just two of the styles that make Aston the divo of dance, but not forgetting the strength of his contemporary core and technique to add to the long list of dance styles that this true professional dancer is capable of. Aston is available for workshops and teaching of any age from amateur to pro

Number for work related calls only: +447472422885
Email: Aston_joshua1993@hotmail.co.uk


Matt Parker

Matt has the diversity of a fluid wavy style to a hard hitting popping style which compliments Flo Motion and adds yet another string to their bow Now brunching out to the cold air of Scotland Matt is taking his creativity of dance and choreography to the north. Now living in Scotland this young choreographer is taking the Flo Motion style mixed with his own unique blend of choreography and freestyle and is available for work both up north and back in Essex/London



Lee Howard

Lee is the Trickster of Flo Motion and brings his acrobatics to create the wow factor with his flip potion for Flo Motion, Lee also Choreographs and does gymnastics constantly creating his flair in the air, giving you something new to see every time. Break Dancing is just one of the styles Lee can bring to the table, and can teach which he is also available for as well as workshops and travel again is not a problem. Lee also currently teaches kids classes in Hip Hop/Acro/Break Dancing in many areas so please contact him for details.

Number for work related calls only: +447875734597
Email: howard_54@hotmail.com


Ross Henson

Ross Is founder/creator and Choreographer/Producer of Flo Motion. His heavy involvement of Comedy, is clearly seen through Flo Motions performances and separates them from most Dance Crews around. Ross also has trained professionally in everything from Ballet/Contemporary to Hip Hop/Jazz and many more and has a great understanding of all that is dance. Since choreographing Ross always continues to learn from the greats from on both sides of the world. Training from Masters to Debbie Reynolds and Millennium in LA and a couple workshops in New York and back to all over London. Having this broadness of education and knowledge has only made the eye for dance and movement that much more creative in Ross Henson’s Choreography, which is seen through out the Flo Motion sets. Ross is available for workshops as well as workshops in comedy and the odd pole dancing class (yes that is a joke but would probably give it a shot)

Number for work related calls only: +447884190021
Email: rosshenson@aol.com


The name Flo Motion came from a slip of the tongue. Ross Henson was teaching a dance class in Havering College, telling them to have a “Flo Motion” feel to the move. So the name has been with Ross Henson since 2006/7. He then went to make a Hip Hop Dance Crew as Choreography had become a part of his life, and then Flo Motion Dance Crew was Born Combining Hip Hop Dance Styles with a comedic flair.

Flo Motion’s Thoughts
Flo Motion are very pleased that dance is now being respected over here in the UK. As it is already being respected in the USA through shows like So You Think You Can Dance (usa) and America’s Best Dance Crew ect. This is seen clearly through the success of the distinguished Jabbawockees Dance Crew, plus many more who are a great inspiration for many dancers/crews, and is fantastic that they are now recognized for what they do and have the success they deserve to the point they have their own long term running show in Las Vegas. Dance has always been in the entertainment business, and it’s great to be seen on a platform holding its own.

Flo Motion are privileged to be a part of this transformation, from dance just being seen as backing for an artist, to actually being the head line. Flo Motion say thanks to hard working people like Ashley Banjo and the boys from Diversity, who have helped push this transformation along even quicker than expected in the UK. As well as Zoo nation completing there sell out tours in the west end (Into Da Hoods is just one of them), and not forgetting other groups such as Boy Blue who’s choreographers such as “”””””” and Hollie Dee (who is a good friend) among others who choreograph for motion pictures and massive projects continuously pushing dance to a higher level.

Flo Motion want to take dance to the next level where people can see a whole meaning through the piece not just at the start and end. They want to show that even Hip Hop Dance can have a story line as well as making people laugh and enjoy their performance.

Artistic Director/Choreographer Ross Henson always motivated the crew to try to push the limit every time, and always strive to think out side the box, above and beyond. You will recognize "Flo Motion" by their unique sunglasses, white gloves and their signature moves and the laughter from the audience!

Flo Motion Future
Flo Motion's future is to inspire others around them and people who see them at their very original unique performances. So if you wish to book Flo Motion Please view the Contacts Page. (Be sure to add Ross Henson, Matt Parker, Aston Joshua, Lee Howard and the Flo Motion Page on Facebook/Twitter for updates on performances)

All future video’s and information from Flo Motion Dance Crew can be found on this page. All of the individual’s part of Flo Motion Dance Crew are available for Solo Performances/ Teaching/ Workshops ect, as well as being booked for performances as Flo Motion.

Ross Henson along with Flo Motion Crew would like to thank everyone who has shown their support, past, present, and future, Thank You and Much Love to all.

Flo Motion History Here’s a few video’s of Flo Motion Performing.

Flo Motion Special Guest Headline performance as Finale in Ross Henson’s Stand Up Comedy Show “Keep Calm And Rolo”

Special Guest Performance at Lizard Lounge

Sky One’s Got To Dance 2009 at London O2 show area (including members Roxy Carson, Alan Francis, Matt Parker, Ross Henson and Ben Francis aka R-tizt)

Choreographer and Founder Ross Henson,

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